Mediation Services

JJ Johnston is an experienced employment law mediator with offices in Los Angeles and Riverside. He specializes in wrongful terminations, discrimination and retaliation cases, whistleblower cases, wage and hour disputes, class action, PAGA claims, and sexual harassment cases. 

Why JJ Johnston is the Right Choice to Mediate Your Case

Knowledge of Employment Law – Prior to becoming a full-time mediator, Mr. Johnston practiced employment law almost exclusively for over 20 years. Accordingly, he is well-versed in the intricacies of this practice area, and takes pride in keeping up with new developments in this area of law. Unlike many mediators, the only matters that Mr. Johnston will accept for mediation are employment cases.

Prior Mediation Experience - Mr. Johnston began mediating cases as a part-time mediator in 2002, and by the time he transitioned to a full-time mediation practice, he already had mediated over 100 employment law cases.

Respect for the Attorney-Client Relationship – In order to try to get a deal done, some mediators have been known to try to circumvent the lawyer and directly pressure their client to ignore their advice and agree to a proposed settlement. Mr. Johnston has great respect for the attorney-client relationship, and will never resort to this tactic. Instead, he will always work in a cooperative effort with the parties and their counsel, in order to get the case resolved.

Not Giving up too Early – You’ve all been there. After paying for a full-day mediation, the mediator suddenly ends the proceeding after only a few hours, declaring that there is no possibility of settlement because the parties are just too far apart. While there certainly are occasions when it becomes apparent early in the mediation that the parties have drastically different ideas about the case, or that one of the parties is not participating in the mediation in good faith, Mr. Johnston prides himself on not giving up early. So even in these situations, he will continue working in an effort to make some progress towards an eventual resolution of the case, and will attempt to at least get the parties to agree to a framework for continuing negotiations even if a settlement is not possible that day.

No Early Mediator’s proposal – Although mediator proposals are certainly a valuable tool in the proper context, some mediators go to a mediator proposal too early and before the proper groundwork has been laid. Although it’s an easy move for the mediator, a premature mediator proposal can have very damaging consequences. Not only is it less likely to be accepted, but it also leaves little room for further negotiations, thus making follow-up very difficult. Mr. Johnston has a full understanding of the proper role of mediator proposals, and you can be assured that he will not abuse that mediation tool.

Preparation – Provided that the parties submit thorough and timely mediation briefs, there just is no excuse for a mediator not to be prepared and fully conversant with the facts and legal issues present in a case that has been submitted for mediation. Mr. Johnston prepares meticulously for each mediation, and always devotes substantial time in reviewing the mediation briefs and any other documents provided to him prior to a mediation. All preparation time is included in the flat fee he charges.

Knowledge of Insurance issues - A thorough knowledge of insurance issues can be important in employment cases where there is coverage. Mr. Johnston is a former insurance defense lawyer and is very knowledgeable about insurance issues.

Follow-Up – If for any reason your case does not settle at the mediation proceeding, Mr. Johnston will ALWAYS follow up with the parties in a continuing effort to get the case resolved. Unlike some mediators, he does not charge any additional fee for follow up.

Starting the Process

A mediation with Mr. Johnston can be scheduled either by calling our office, or by email. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule, and get your mediation scheduled as quickly as possible. For available dates, please see our Availability Calendar